Cut your technical debt in half without adding new tools.

Microsoft 365 already contains well over 80 products, services, and security capabilities that render many third party apps redundant.

Microsoft Gold Partner

The first step towards reducing your technical debt with this vast set of services is to take the time to dig into each of them and begin looking at how they effectively fit into your organization.

That’s where Virteva can help. Through our years of helping companies adopt Windows, Office 365, and EM+S, we have learned a lot about what works well – and what doesn’t.


Virteva's Microsoft 365 Crash Course

Uncover how these services work for your team and help your organization develop a cohesive approach to adopting the entire Microsoft stack.

Who is this for?

Business leaders from across your company, not just IT. We’ve found these workshops to be most valuable when leaders from a diverse group of teams and departments join in the conversation.

What topics will we cover?

We adapt the topics to meet your business needs. Our facilitators build an agenda around your people to make sure your most important topics are covered.

Where does it take place?

In-person or via Skype for Business


This workshop will help you:

      1. Understand how Microsoft 365 fits into the full scope of your Microsoft and security environment
      2. Determine which components can provide immediate value, and those that have longer term value in future phases
      3. Formulate a roadmap for adopting the Microsoft 365 components, and eliminate costs by reducing redundant functionality


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