New York-based IT Leaders: Join Us for an IT Leadership Roundtable

The Digital Enterprise:
How to Serve and Be Served in the Digital Age

Join a small group of your peers for lunch* and discussion around Digital Transformation and the essential role of Customer Experience.

June 19, 2018
11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Morton's, Midtown New York City

The term "Digital Transformation" (DX) is used a lot these days. But peel back the hyperbole and it's all about the experience. Today, the digital experience is essential to every business and IT organization, and is the reason why business leaders today must enable IT and Customer Experience (CX) stakeholders to work together to achieve their mutual goals of being disruptors and not ‘disruptees.’

Join a small group of VP/C-level leaders for a roundtable discussion led by Dave Walstad, co-founder and digital thought leader at Virteva.

Topics will include:

  • How Customer and User experience are at the heart of “Digital Transformation.”

  • The four categories of digital experience: Customer experience, IT experience, and Employee experience, and the brand experience.

  • How the ‘Cloud’ IT stack and philosophy enables the trifecta of serving better and doing more, while actually reducing IT costs.

  • How today’s leading companies are profiting from the DX enabled CX strategies.

  • How the CIO is uniquely positioned to lead digital change and help their organizations leverage both their incumbent assets and new leverage of automation and agility.


*Lunch will be provided - if you have any dietary restrictions please contact 

Discussion moderated by:

Dave Walstad

Dave Walstad

Executive VP at Virteva

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