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The Journey to Limitless IT


Modern IT organizations have a lot of ground to cover.

The ever-expanding variety of devices, servers, and services available to end-users today puts increasingly difficult demands on traditional IT departments.

And while teams are busy fighting the day-to-day fires, they’re holding off on addressing the grander vision for digital transformation and capitalizing on industry trends.

How do we know this? We were in the same spot.

Watch our webinar to hear about Virteva's journey to the cloud through Todd Mortenson’s firsthand experience with ServiceNow.

This webinar will cover:

  • Industry trends from the past to the future
  • How IT can evolve from a cost center to a value-add for the business
  • Obstacles on the journey to limitless IT
  • Keys to success with ServiceNow

After this webinar, you’ll know what’s possible with ServiceNow and how you can start out on your own journey towards limitless IT.

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Our Speaker:

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Todd Mortenson

Solutions Consultant, Virteva

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