It's not a question of whether your organization will be attacked. It's a question of when.

Our Rapid Cyberattack Assessment is designed to introduce you to how common cyberattacks work, how to mitigate the risk of being affected, and what needs to be done in order to improve cyber security etiquette.

We will start by running a program from Microsoft that emulates a real world attack on your organization. Using these results, we will work with you to identify business needs and requirements in order to accurately assess and provide proven solutions to improve your cyber security.

Deliverables following this assessment include:

  • Guidance, recommendations, and best practices on how to successfully implement recommended security features
  • A presentation containing a prioritized list of security recommendations
  • A prioritized and actionable map of security capabilities to your security objectives and requirements

This assessment will help you build out the right defenses to keep your people and your data secure.

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