The best way to learn a new language is to become immersed in it. We apply that concept to your Microsoft environment.

Send your employees along a path of self-discovery to make them Microsoft Champions at your organization, all at no cost to you.

Microsoft-Gold-Logo-New_preview.jpegMore than just a tutorial or training class, our Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) is a hands-on workshop where your end-users can fully explore the Office 365 tools in a completely safe environment, becoming enthusiastic adopters in the process.

Office_365_logo.pngWe don't just give your employees a feature rundown of Office 365, we focus on their business challenges and guide them through a hands-on process. This lets them discover where the various Office 365 components can help address their biggest needs.


How it Works

Chris Strong-1.jpg

Chris Strong

Microsoft-certified CIE facilitator

Microsoft-certified CIE facilitator provides up to 10 of your employees with laptops to use during the session, each with its own mock identity for them to adopt. As they solve their business challenges using the tools available to them in Office 365, they’ll begin to draw connections across other processes and discover new ways to leverage all the Microsoft tools at their disposal.

When your end-users explore these tools using their own real-life examples instead of simply trying to memorize steps, they’ll begin to see the big picture of how the Office 365 components work together to make their lives easier.


Afterwards, your employees will:

      • Better understand and adopt the available Microsoft tools
      • Discover duplicative software and unnecessary technical debt
      • Engage and share tips and tricks with employees from other teams

Each session is customized to let your employees explore at their own pace, focus on the products and solutions that they want, and get hands-on experience that address their business needs. It’s designed to be highly interactive, informative, and fun!

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