Today's State of Work: The Productivity Drain

Find out what nearly 1,000 managers at companies in the US and UK had to say about the efficiency of today's work processes help OR sap their productivity. 

Today's State of Work - The Productivity Drain White Paper - Virteva.pngThe Internet has created radical changes in our personal lives. We now live in a “consumerized” online world where we shop for products and services with a few taps on a smartphone. Social media gives us a global forum where anyone can speak their mind. We see news as it unfolds, watch videos on YouTube, stream music from Spotify, and make friends on Facebook. We expect the web to be automated, on demand, and always on – delivering instant gratification no matter where we are.

Do businesses leverage the power of connected technology to simplify and accelerate work? Or, are they still stuck using inefficient manual tools – emails, phone calls, and spreadsheets – for even the most mundane administrative tasks? Are most business processes “consumerized” now, or are enterprises neglecting a critical opportunity to transform their productivity?

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