Bring Your Help Desk to the 21st Century

Service Desk Innovation White Paper - Virteva.pngThe devices, servers, and applications might be 'leaving the building' but security, governance, and strategy are not. Add in Shadow IT, social media, and 24/7 mobility demands and it becomes clear that the 'cloud' will require a significant re-balancing of expectations, budget, staff, and service delivery models.

To see how the modern service desk fits into today's business structure, take a look at our white paper, "Service Desk Innovation," where you will learn:

  • Why the role of the "help desk" needs to change
  • What the modern service desk needs to be successful
  • How to manage technical debt
  • The differences between insourced and outsourced delivery models

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"It takes both personal experience and data. With that, our service desk team is able to not only solve our end-user's issues, but reduce the impact to others, too."

- Angela Solway, Service Desk Manager, Virteva