Learn how you can successfully adopt Microsoft Azure.

"Adopting Microsoft Azure", A Guide for IT Leaders

Adopting Microsoft Azure White Paper - Virteva.pngIt’s no longer a question that enterprise computing is moving to public cloud platforms. But this is a big change. Relying on a cloud platform, such as Microsoft Azure, is different from what you’re doing today and making the transition will take time and thought. Moreover, the best place to begin isn’t necessarily obvious.

While you’ll probably run mission-critical applications on a public cloud platform at some point, starting here isn’t a realistic option for most organizations. It feels too risky. Yet there are other scenarios that can provide value immediately with manageable risk. You can start small, then expand when you’re ready.

This white paper describes how organizations can adopt Microsoft Azure. It looks at the most common scenarios, starting with the simplest, and show the business value of each one. The goal is to help you think about which cloud scenarios might make sense for your organization today.

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