Learn how to use your data in ServiceNow to shape better customer experiences.

To truly delight customers today, organizations must provide experiences that are personalized, proactive, and always improving. The only way to achieve that level of service is to look beyond what you see in superficial data and address what’s really going on below the surface.

Join the webinar to learn how you can use ServiceNow to:

  • Better leverage your data
  • Automate predictive and proactive workflows
  • Communicate internally and externally more effectively
  • Reduce Service Desk costs over time

In this session, Jamey Anderson, EVP of Delivery and Operations at Virteva, will share a case study about Virteva's own efforts to manage over 350,000 customer cases and interactions annually while simultaneously working to reduce case volume and improve customer experiences over time.

Through analytics and predictive staffing capabilities and ServiceNow’s ability to leverage data, automate workflows, and communicate across teams, Virteva was able to slice through the “watermelon” of service to identify the underlying trends and interactions that impact customer experiences.

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Presented By:


Jamey Anderson, EVP Delivery and Operations, Virteva