Welcome to our Building a Next-Level Service Desk webinar series, where Zach Brand, Quality and Delivery Manager at Virteva, shared the methodology behind how Virteva manages over 350,000 customer cases annually.


Part 1: Quality Management


Watch Part I of this webinar series to learn the secrets of ensuring quality in every interaction, including:

  • Overview of Customer Care
  • Building a Quality Management form to get the info you need
  • Using Knowledge Articles to be successful
  • The impact of training for both analysts and customers
By incorporating these QM processes into your service desk operation, you'll get better data for your reporting needs while seeing customer satisfaction on the rise.

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Part 2: Continuous Improvement


In Part II of this webinar series, we'll share the principles and methodologies that are central to our culture of continuous improvement, including:

  • How and why to conduct regular Pareto analyses
  • The tools needed to identify and gather data
  • Implementing the right processes
  • Contact reduction techniques
By incorporating these continuous improvement processes into your service desk operation, you'll ensure your team is always delivering, no matter how the technology landscape changes.

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Part 3: Metrics and Reporting


In Part III of this webinar series, we'll share our approach to establishing metrics and reporting criteria that really make an impact.Topics will include:

  • Establishing relevant metrics: New ways to define success
  • Implementing surveys as “Voice of the Customer” tools
    Putting it Together: Data Analysis Demonstration

By applying these approaches to measuring success to your service desk operation, you'll know your team is delivering service in the ways that matter most to your customer.

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