Start Expecting More From Your Service Desk

Studies show that 50% of the perception of an IT department comes from interactions with the service desk.


How does your organization measure up?

Our own service desk team has achieved a Net Promoter Score of 84, and now we’d like to offer our lessons-learned and best practices to you, too.

The Service Desk Assessment is a structured approach to helping you understand where your service desk is today while providing practical recommendations to help you create a world-class service desk. 

The assessment provides benchmarks, gap analysis, and future state design recommendations, as well as an evaluation of:

  • Client contact intake process and service delivery requirements
  • ITSM / ITIL / Support procedures
  • Staff onboarding and training processes
  • Continuous improvement processes and reporting
  • Technology and tools used to deliver support services
  • Other metrics or criteria important to your organization

With a firm understanding of your current capabilities, you can create a roadmap to refine your operations and impact your bottom line.

Meet short term needs. Solve long term problems. Start expecting more from your service desk.



Zach Brand"It takes both personal experience and data. With that, our service desk team is able to not only solve our end-user's issues, but reduce the impact to others, too."

- Zach Brand, Service Desk Manager, Virteva